Serving Africa
since 2019.

Delivering second chances at life.

Ways to support

Support 33 Spine Align.

COVID-19 forced us to suspend mission trips for two years, patients need our help more than ever.

How We Are Helping

With our partnership through FOCOS Hospital, we provide critical care to orthopedic patients. Providing surgeons and medical devices, over 20 children have been able to lead normal lives, many for the first time.


Every dollar that is raised helps support another life saving surgery for a child in need. While many of these children are unable to walk, work, and carry normal lives ... 33 Spine Align provides a second chance.

The deformative scoliosis seen at FOCOS hospital is unlike anywhere else.  With malnutrition and lack of preventative care, these spinal deformities are unfortunately commonplace in Africa.  However, these can be considered  some of the worst cases any U.S. based surgeon would treat.