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How We Started

33 Spine Align, Inc was conceptualized early on when President and Co-Founder, Ryan Normandeau, envisioned a collaboration that would allow the organization to support critical spinal orthopedic care in West Africa. While initially thinking it may require the fundraising and development of a hospital infrastructure - Ryan was able to facilitate and cultivate a partnership with an existing organization, FOCOS Hospital.  

FOCOS already had the complete infrastructure in place and a backlog of patients - opening the door for 33 Spine Align to directly fundraise for patient support in Accra, Ghana.  During the first mission trip in 2019, 33 Spine Align was able to successfully fundraise and support 8 patient surgeries. Despite COVID-19 headwinds, 33 Spine Align was able to return to Africa in 2022.  With the organization's perseverance and continued fundraising efforts, we were able to present FOCOS with a check for $100,000 to fund patient care.  We are just getting started.

Our Partner Surgeons

Co-Owner John Doe

C. Rory Goodwin, MD, PhD

C. Rory Goodwin is the Director for Spinal Oncology, Surgical Director for the Duke Center for Brain and Spine Metastasis and an Assistant Professor at the Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Goodwin attended the University of Florida where he majored in Neurobiological Sciences and Business Administration with minors in Chemistry and Economics.

Melissa Erickson MD

Melissa M. Erickson, MD

Dr. Erickson is a spine surgeon specializing in the surgical management of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine conditions, including cervical myelopathy, herniated discs, deformity, stenosis, tumor, and trauma. He provides cutting-edge procedures as well as traditional surgical techniques. Dr. Erickson is an expert in motion preservation surgeries and minimally invasive surgery.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Sunil Jeswani, MD

Dr. Jeswani specializes in the surgical management of diseases affecting the brain, skull base, spinal cord, spinal column, and peripheral nerves. Dr. Jeswani is devoted to technical surgical excellence and striving for the best possible outcomes for his patients.  He is highly regarded amongst his peer in his thoughtful care of his patients and neurosurgical precision during surgery.  He has been named Physician of the Year at Palomar Medical Center two consecutive years in a row.

Co-Owner John Doe


Dr. Karikari is a neurosurgeon specializing in scoliosis and other spine conditions, including spinal stenosis, herniated discs, spondylosis, and spondylolisthesis. He also performs surgery on spine tumors and provides general neurosurgery. Growing up in West Africa, where healthcare access was limited, inspired his passion for medicine. Dr. [Your Name] has been mentored by renowned experts like Dr. Allan H. Friedman in neurosurgery and Drs. Lawrence Lenke and Keith Bridwell in orthopedic spine surgery, honing his exceptional surgical and clinical skills. He prides himself on offering compassionate care tailored to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring excellent outcomes. Dr. Karikari finds great joy in his work, as it allows him to give back and support people during their most challenging times.

Want to Donate?

Consumables become costly, and the FOCOS staff needs your help. Have equipment that can be donated? Reach out below to see how we can facilitate your donation.